MWh Internship program launches

Aug 10

Meet the MWh Intern Meet Michael, a soon to be first year student at the University of Michigan and a recent graduate of Regis High School in NY, NY. Michael helped launch The MWh internship program concentrating his talents on Product Development, and Research, while contributing to the introduction of The Megawatt Hour University. The […]

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Market Update: Day Ahead and Forward Pricing

Aug 2

Energy prices determine as much as 40-60% of the price you pay for electricity. No matter whether your business strategy is to fix all of your costs or maintain some exposure to index prices (day-ahead, usually), knowing historical and forecasted pricing should be important to you. The only way to forecast index pricing is to […]

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Energy cost management: Navigating complexity

Aug 2

“Simplicity is a great virtue but it requires hard work to achieve it and education to appreciate it. And to make matters worse: complexity sells better.” ― Edsger W. Dijkstra We are taking a break today from the series on understanding retail supplier pricing to discuss an increasing trend in the energy industry and, more broadly, […]

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Energy cost management: Supplier differences – contract terms

Jul 17

Energy cost management: How different can supplier contracts be? What can those differences cost my business? This is the third article in a series in which we discuss how to evaluate the major differences between suppliers when you make an energy purchase. It is noteworthy that we have observed meaningful (+/-10%) differences between supplier prices on […]

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Top 10 energy cost management questions: Why you should care about supplier creditworthiness

Jul 10

As we just posted last week in an article titled Fact or Fiction: There is no difference between suppliers, there can be significant differences between suppliers that will result in meaningful price differences when you get quotes from various suppliers. There can be a whole range of reasons for those differences, like: Supplier risk appetite […]

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Fact or Fiction: There is no difference between supplier prices

Jun 28

All electricity supply prices are the same, right? All suppliers serving a given region should price the same way, get their wholesale power the same way and will give me basically the same price, correct? The only difference I should see, as a buyer, is the difference in the supplier’s margin, or fee, right? And […]

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Key performance metrics: Energy cost management

Jun 6

What are the key performance metrics that you should track in order to best track and manage your energy costs? What key levers can you pull that will make the biggest difference in managing energy costs? Here are the key metrics that we measure and that we recommend that our customers track. Cost per significant […]

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Power and Gas Market update: June 2, 2017

Jun 2

Take a look at the graph (above) of forward power prices for the same period (June ’17 through June ’18) in New York City. The blue line shows how on peak prices have moved over the last year while the orange line shows how off peak prices have moved. Markets are back in the historic […]

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Changes afoot in NY: Indian Point closing–what does it mean to NY energy buyers?

May 23

The announcement that Indian Point is closing is not new. The Governor made an announcement in January that the aging nuclear plant would close in 2021. Three years from now 2,000 MW of carbon-free base load electricity supply will shutter, while – over a similar period — the State tries to meet its commitment to […]

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NY’s Clean Energy Standard: Energy cost management & clean energy regulation

May 15

We have received a number of questions from customers about NY State’s Clean Energy Standard (CES). In this article we explain the program, we compare what you can expect to pay to what you’ve been paying for the program that the CES replaces, and what to look for on your invoice. What is the Clean Energy […]

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