Make great decisions

Welcome to the Future of Energy

Instead of making decisions by looking in the rear view mirror, in spreadsheets, The Megawatt Hour provides you with prospective information targeted precisely to you and your business needs. You will see accurate forecasts of your usage and cost, so you can spend more time on insights, less time on navigating data. Get much more precise information about all aspects of your energy picture.
  • unbiased information Immediate understanding of cost and risk

    With the click of a button, you know what you'll expect to pay for the next 12, 24, 36 months. You can see what costs you may incur, and you will be able to explain, with one graphic, what your options are for managing risk in a cost-effective way.
  • efficient energy information Always accessible and always intutive

    This is not rocket science. You should be able to get immediate insights about your business and your energy cost and usage. You haven't had that ability, until now. You will see data, transformed into information, at the click of a button.  If you choose a different supplier, or want to evaluate various options, you don’t have to rely on your supplier to provide you with the information, you can access it yourself.
  • detailed energy information Dive in to the details, if you like

    The Megawatt Hour begins with intuitive, simple graphics. You decide how much detail you care to see. With just a few clicks, you get the cost and usage details on a specific account or set of accounts for the next 3 years. This is budgeting and forecasting made easy. The information on The Megawatt Hour is as high-level or detailed as you need it to be.