Save money, save time, make great decisions

The Megawatt Hour pulls all of your electricity information in to one useful, intuitive, forward-looking dashboard. See current market prices. Escape from the land of spreadsheets and backward glances—reduce the time, effort and expense of managing energy. For the first time, you will have access to all the information, market pricing, and data that you need to make better decisions in less time.
  • price transparency Save money

    Being informed about when to buy delivers significant savings. You've never had access to the information you need to get these savings, until now.
  • manage goals Save time

    There are too many spreadsheets used to manage energy usage and cost data. Setup in The Megawatt Hour takes 5 minutes.. get out of spreadsheets and get access to our intuitive, straight forward information.
  • simple and powerful Make great decisions

    For the first time since deregulation began, track your budget forecasts compared to actual costs and understand how your costs compare to other purchasing options as well as to what you would have paid the utility.

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