Save money

Finally, savings and great returns!

The Megawatt Hour helps you reduce costs in four ways:
  1. when you purchase reduces your costs by 10 percent or more;
  2. complete transparency means that you have the edge in a negotiation, for once;
  3. reduce the transaction costs of doing business. Pay only the people you want to pay, instead of some mysterious 3rd party; and
  4. spend less time and company resources on managing the process, so you can focus on other business issues.
  • Take back power and decisions Timing is everything

    When you buy has the biggest impact on what you will pay. When The Megawatt Hour sends you an alert, you know that you have a buying opportunity. Stop being a price taker.
  • Client-specific energy forecasts Company-specific cost data

    Don’t look at generic information. Use The Megawatt Hour and know exactly what you should pay for energy based on market data, not gut instinct. These insights deliver 3-5% savings on annual energy costs.
  • Save money on energy Low cost, high return

    MWh subscriptions cost a fraction of every alternative out there-- it's a low cost, high value program that delivers significant returns on investment. Schedule a demo with us to learn more.