Save time

A Picture? Or 1000 Rows of Data?

The Megawatt Hour presents you with actionable insights and information transformed from your business or institution's data. Transactions are easy, decisions are difficult. The unbiased information that you see with The Megawatt Hour allows you to quickly and easily develop, make and explain decisions based purely on data and information, and not based on opinion or bias.
  • Understand power markets Usage and cost trending with the click of a button

    Spend more time on insights and less time in spreadsheets. The MWh automatically manages and updates usage and cost data, historical, current and forecast.
  • Easy energy reporting Intuitive graphs that make you look good

    Seeing for yourself is easy and fast. The Megawatt Hour provides you with alerts and intuitive graphs so you can spend less time on energy, and make the right decisions at the best time. You can explain and support the decisions that you make to your colleagues so that there is no second-guessing.
  • monitor energy contracts Know how things stack up

    How did we do? It shouldn’t be such a difficult question to answer. You will see how your contract and costs stack up to other options that are or were available to you, including the utility rate. You can keep making great decisions, improving the outcome for your business or institution and proving it all along the way.