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Natural gas plants not competitive with clean energy according to report 1

Sep 18

Most new or proposed natural gas power plants will not be cost-competitive with clean energy resources by 2035. A report comparing the financial viability of new gas resources with clean energy technologies was recently published by the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI). The report finds that, thanks to a decline in clean energy costs, many proposed […]

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The surprising truth about Spring 2018 and natural gas usage 1

Jul 13

The surprising truth about Spring 2018 natural gas usage Don’t be surprised if you see higher than expected natural gas usage (and, therefore, cost) for the Spring 2018. If you’ve noticed a variance to your gas cost and budget this year, it is probably due to a slightly unexpected reason. Yes, late December 2017 and […]

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Volatility returns to energy markets: How will it impact you? 1

Jan 12

Volatility has returned to energy markets for the first time in 3 or 4 years. We are only 12 days into the New Year, but it has already been a bumpy ride for energy markets. The cold weather that has periodically hit the country since the end of December sent power and gas markets into […]

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Power and Gas Price Update: Cooler Weather expected, Markets up 1

Nov 29

Any news of cooler temperatures these days sends the 12 month strip price for gas and power up. Major reports show cooler weather in the Northeast likely starting around December 7th. As a result, we have seen another spike in the 12 month strip price for both gas and power. Even though the weekly storage […]

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November Market Update: Energy Cost Management 1

Nov 13

It is newsworthy that gas and power markets were up over 7% last week. This increase in forward curves follows months of low cost power and gas markets. As of Friday afternoon, there was some relief thanks to a modest price decline for the Winter 2018 months. To put this in context, we have been […]

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What to expect this winter 1

Oct 12

We have received questions from clients about what to expect from power and gas prices this winter. Good question. Why do we care about winter energy prices? Because natural gas and power prices peak in winter, at least in the Northeast. Remember the Polar Vortex? Some energy buyers watched their energy budgets get swallowed up […]

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Winter? What winter? 1

Mar 11

Energy cost management implications of higher temperatures For the second consecutive Winter, most of the US has experienced warmer-than-normal temperatures. According to a Financial Times article titled “Warm US winter leaves natural gas market with excess supplies” …this heating season has been running 3 per cent warmer than last year, weighted for population, according to the US […]

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Energy markets: What happened in 2016 & what to watch for in 2017 1

Jan 8

2016 Energy Markets in Review By almost every measure, energy market activity in 2016 was not eventful. Through the majority of the year (first 9 months), markets were characterized by a lack of volatility in both the index and forward markets. In Q4 2016, forward market volatility returned, although the increase in volatility is relative […]

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Lessons from the Field: Energy Cost Management – Gas Conversion 1

Dec 22

Conversion of fuel oil to natural gas for heating buildings in New York City has been under way for several years now. According to the New York City’s Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, Just 1 percent of all buildings in the city produce 86 percent of the total soot pollution from buildings-more than all the cars and […]

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Winter 2017: Why are the markets so squirrely? 1

Nov 14

We can’t speculate about where markets are going or where they will be in 3 months, despite the questions that our clients ask us all the time. We can give you a sense for why we think there has been more volatility in power and gas markets over the past several months. We can also […]

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