Frequently Asked Questions: MWh Software

The Megawatt Hour’s Mission

Our goal is to help clients save time, save money and make good decisions about energy. MWh software simplifies the work of the energy and finance professional: whether it is budgeting your energy costs based on actual price forecasts, determining the right green power option for your business, or finding the best possible product for your budget. empowers energy purchasers with data and information.

What is The Megawatt Hour?

The Megawatt Hour is cloud-based software for energy cost management.  Transactions are simple, decisions are hard. puts customers in charge of their energy costs.  We are dedicated to helping commercial and industrial customers track and forecast energy usage and expenditures.  Our market pricing is the most up to date and comprehensive in the industry, and is the only site that provides energy cost information directly to clients, instead of to suppliers, retailers and wholesalers.

What are the benefits of using MWh software?

The MWh software saves our customers time and money. Our customers report that they typically save 10-15% on energy costs (and time) thanks to the transparency and cost management capability that the MWh software provides. The software streamlines the energy data workflow and provides comprehensive analytics. No more spreadsheets. When you use MWh software, you have more time to work on analytics and strategy, and you spend less time navigating rows of data.

I have a consultant, why do I need MWh software?

The MWh software is a highly effective tool for you and/or your consultant. We work with customers who also use procurement/supply consultants. We also work have clients who manage their energy costs on their own. Think of the MWh as another effective tool to deliver results and improve outcomes.

How much work is required to set up MWh software?

We understand all the work that you need to do to manage energy in your organization. You don’t need to do anything to set-up MWh. We manage all that work for you. Just provide us with your utility data and information, we do the rest.

I can’t make any investments in anything unless I can demonstrate a return-on-investment. What is the ROI on MWh software?

Our customers report that our software saves time and money on energy costs. The subscription to MWh software typically pays back within the first 2-3 months of using the product.

Contact us to get an estimate on what you can expect to pay and when you can expect to see a return on your investment.