Figure out ReChargeNY


The Megawatt Hour has a no-risk way to help you determine the savings and benefits of NYPA’s ReChargeNY program.  We waded through 100s of mind-numbing utility tariff regulations, so you don’t have to.  For a one-time charge of $750 (or $400 for non-profit organizations), The Megawatt Hour’s ReCharge NY analysis will provide you with a customized forecast of the ReCharge NY energy costs. You will know, with the click of a button, what NYPA’s ReCharge Program will save you.  Get complete clarity and transparency.





Here’s How it Works

With The Megawatt Hour’s program, you will:

  • know exactly what the ReCharge HydroPower program will save you,
  • know whether the ReCharge Market/Blend program that NYPA is offering is going to save you money, and
  • have a forecast of your total electricity cost – including the ReCharge Power–online– no software or installation required.

The ReCharge program should bring meaningful value to recipients of the NYPA program, but it is different from the former program, Power for Jobs.  As such, it creates some challenges:

  • How do companies and non-profits forecast costs based on this new program?
  • What are the program savings?

We can help you answer those and other questions with little effort on your part.

Get started by going to our Sign In page.  When you sign in, we will walk you through the following steps. We will notify you when your ReCharge Savings Analysis is ready to view online.

Sign up for The Megawatt Hour’s ReCharge analysis online.

Step 1. Go to our Sign In page. Create your user name and login, and provide your address, email and contact information. Review and accept our terms of service.

Step 2. Enter your utility account number (if you are in Con Edison or Central Hudson’s service territory) or your utility login and password (everywhere else).

Step 3. Enter the account numbers that will be allocated the ReChargeNY power, and enter your Awarded Allocation. Click Submit.

Step 4. We will send you an email when your account analysis is complete. Login with the user name and password that you created, go to the ReChargeNY page, and you will see a forecast of your ReCharge costs for each program, and you will be able to compare the ReCharge offers to the market price.

Step 5. Once you’ve received your savings analysis, and you are completely satisfied with the information that we provided, we will invoice you for the one-time charge of $750 (or $400 for 501 c3 non-profit organizations), or you can pay with a credit card. If we haven’t helped you, you don’t pay us anything.



These free resources will help you get a good grasp on the ReCharge program and The Megawatt Hour’s offering.

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