Software transforms data into energy analytics-- saves time, improves outcomes and helps lower costs.

Easy-to-use cloud based solutions.

Fast, accurate, forward-looking energy information at the click of a button.

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  • What?


    Cloud-based energy cost, usage and reporting reduce the time it takes to manage utility data and energy purchases.

  • Who?


    Energy and finance professionals. Colleges & universities, hospitals, municipalities, consultants, hospitality, real estate, manufacturing. Energy cost management made easy.

  • Why?


    Easy to use cloud-based solutions and a proven process to manage data, improve analysis, lower energy & administrative costs, make energy expenses predictable.

What customers are saying

“I am now back in control of my power costs with The Megawatt Hour. Not only has The Megawatt Hour helped us save money, but the platform has helped me make great decisions about my energy purchases.”

— Mark Gordon, Director of Facilities, Collegiate School

“I wish I had this much control over all my costs!!”

— Hospital CFO, New York, NY

“We were hit from all sides by every company for months soliciting an electricity contract. When it came down to deciding who would be the best fit all others were beginning to tire me out until we met The Megawatt Hour. They not only presented the best price for our power supply contract but their professionalism and patience throughout the negotiations process secured the deal. The supply price they got for us was the lowest including the cost of The Megawatt Hour subscription. It was how they handled themselves from our initial meeting to closing that made me decide they were a class act.”

—J. Edward Cecala, General Manager, Holiday Inn, Midtown

“The Megawatt Hour has brought clarity and structure to energy purchasing for Hayden-on-Hudson. They have provided information and analysis that is essential in a deregulated market. It would be inefficient to operate any energy consuming business without a service such as theirs.”

—George J. Patsalos, Treasurer, Hayden-on-Hudson

“We are way excited and impressed, your product is much better than anything we’ve seen. Very cool!….”

—Energy Manager, University

“The transparency and trust I get from The Megawatt Hour reinforces my decision making process. With The MWh, I receive reports that demonstrate the positive impact I’ve made.”

—Facilities Director, Large Non-Profit

Latest News

Lessons from the field: Why does energy pricing vary from supplier to supplier?- January 13, 2022

Energy pricing and forward markets have grown more and more volatile over the past six months. Customers are noticing that pricing between suppliers can vary– sometimes a little (tenths of a mil per kWh, for example) sometimes a lot (several mils per kWh– in the case of electricity). Why?