What to expect this winter

Oct 12

We have received questions from clients about what to expect from power and gas prices this winter. Good question. Why do we care about winter energy prices? Because natural gas and power prices peak in winter, at least in the Northeast. Remember the Polar Vortex? Some energy buyers watched their energy budgets get swallowed up […]

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Energy cost management: Results

Sep 29

We aren’t very good at highlighting our successes. We are usually satisfied when a customer is happy and has achieved their goals. But every now and then a customer’s results are so striking that we feel we have to share their story. Background But first, before we tell their story, a few key points. Chasing elusive […]

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Energy cost management news: Hurricane Impacts on Electricity and Gas Prices

Sep 21

Just last week, a customer asked why it was that power and natural gas prices did not experience the kind of disruption from Hurricane Harvey that we have seen after other major storms, like Hurricane Katrina, for example. There are a number of good articles from a range of resources that explain how the dynamics of […]

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Another Case of “Too Much is No Good” – Guest Post

Sep 8

Another Case of “Too Much is No Good” Guest post by Michael Fanelli   More and more, it seems consumers are concerned about the availability and accessibility of power sources, especially for the various devices that have come to power our lives. Where is the nearest outlet? Should I charge my phone before leaving the […]

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Greentech Media’s 4 Trends Reshaping the Power Sector + What they mean for customers

Aug 25

Greentech Media reports on the 4 Trends Reshaping the Power Sector in their newsletter published yesterday. Greentech Media makes the case that: The power sector is constantly evolving, but rarely — if ever — has it experienced the rapid pace of change it faces today. The interaction between technological, economic and political forces is catalyzing […]

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MWh Internship program launches

Aug 10

Meet the MWh Intern Meet Michael, a soon to be first year student at the University of Michigan and a recent graduate of Regis High School in NY, NY. Michael helped launch The MWh internship program concentrating his talents on Product Development, and Research, while contributing to the introduction of The Megawatt Hour University. The […]

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Market Update: Day Ahead and Forward Pricing

Aug 2

Energy prices determine as much as 40-60% of the price you pay for electricity. No matter whether your business strategy is to fix all of your costs or maintain some exposure to index prices (day-ahead, usually), knowing historical and forecasted pricing should be important to you. The only way to forecast index pricing is to […]

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Energy cost management: Navigating complexity

Aug 2

“Simplicity is a great virtue but it requires hard work to achieve it and education to appreciate it. And to make matters worse: complexity sells better.” ― Edsger W. Dijkstra We are taking a break today from the series on understanding retail supplier pricing to discuss an increasing trend in the energy industry and, more broadly, […]

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Energy cost management: Supplier differences – contract terms

Jul 17

Energy cost management: How different can supplier contracts be? What can those differences cost my business? This is the third article in a series in which we discuss how to evaluate the major differences between suppliers when you make an energy purchase. It is noteworthy that we have observed meaningful (+/-10%) differences between supplier prices on […]

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Top 10 energy cost management questions: Why you should care about supplier creditworthiness

Jul 10

As we just posted last week in an article titled Fact or Fiction: There is no difference between suppliers, there can be significant differences between suppliers that will result in meaningful price differences when you get quotes from various suppliers. There can be a whole range of reasons for those differences, like: Supplier risk appetite […]

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