The Megawatt Hour- Energy Management – Energy Information

For anyone who is interested in this event and missed it, here is a link to a recording of the event. It was an interesting conversation.

Title: The Era of the Smart Power Customer: Accelerating the Clean Energy Transition through Customer-Focused Solutions
Location: Virtual

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Description: With the rapid transition to a renewables-based energy system, the role of electric power companies will continue to evolve in response to trends in technology innovation, new energy system structures, decarbonization targets, and expectations from consumers and investors.

Today, power providers increasingly need to effectively manage higher levels of decentralized generation as well as much more engaged consumers. Measures such as demand-response can enable the decentralized sources of energy to become important sources of flexibility for utilities and consumers while creating efficiencies and reducing emissions. Meanwhile, emerging digitalization can enable customers to play a more active role in the electricity market and even drive change. But what is needed to accelerate the empowerment of the “smart customer”? What innovative solutions are emerging and what is still needed to enable customers drive the switch to renewables? What policy and regulatory obstacles remain?

This event is co-sponsored by NRG Energy and Dynamo Energy Hub.

Start Time: 11:00am
Date: 2021-02-23
End Time: 12:00pm