2020 Energy Insights: Budgeting and forecasting recommendations

Jan 14

2020 Energy Insights Today in our new 2020 energy insights series we explore MWh recommendations for effective budgeting and forecasting. Over the past 25 years, we have worked with customers as you try to navigate and manage your energy costs and usage. During that time, we’ve seen as many different approaches to budgeting and forecasting […]

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Energy Data –Feature Friday: 3 issues every manager must address

Dec 13

Energy data: What’s the problem? Every energy manager we work with must address the challenge of successfully navigating and manipulating energy data. When we first launched The Megawatt Hour, even we didn’t realize how important the software’s automated data management process was. Given our background in retail energy markets, we believed that managing data was […]

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Feature Friday: 3 top reasons a pricing model is essential for energy cost managers

Nov 22

Why a pricing model? A pricing model (or energy cost model) is an essential tool for energy cost managers navigating markets today. With a pricing model, you can more accurately plan and manage your budgets and costs. Without it, you’re flying blind. You need access to a forecast of supply and delivery costs to plan and manage […]

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Forward Curves: Why they matter to energy cost managers

Sep 27

Forward Curves: Why they matter to energy cost managers Updated: September 27, 2019 Forward curves and the insight they can provide should be an essential decision making tool to any energy manager. Unfortunately, due to the opacity of energy markets and the energy industry, decision makers rarely have access to their own set of pricing and […]

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Natural gas plants not competitive with clean energy according to report

Sep 18

Most new or proposed natural gas power plants will not be cost-competitive with clean energy resources by 2035. A report comparing the financial viability of new gas resources with clean energy technologies was recently published by the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI). The report finds that, thanks to a decline in clean energy costs, many proposed […]

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NY Energy Market Update: August 30th, 2019

Aug 30

An understanding of the status of NY Energy Markets (both energy and capacity) is essential to planning and managing energy costs. Both short term and longer-term forward prices impact customers as you plan your budgets and forecast your costs. Why focus on power and capacity? While, electricity supply costs are comprised of a range of […]

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Thomas Mort has made a career of training engineers to find energy savings throughout their facilities.

Energy Decision Maker Thomas Mort : Resource According to Value

Aug 11

Energy Decision Maker Thomas Mort Resource According to Value The Megawatt Hour Series: Saving with Energy Thomas Mort President, Saving with Energy Energy decision maker Thomas Mort is a leader in the field of operational excellence and continuous improvement with more than 30 years’ experience. Thomas is currently a principal of Thomas Mort Consulting LLC. […]

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Why a good contract is so important

Jul 3

Why a good contract is good for you too… We’ve heard customers express aggravation at the lengthy, detailed contract language that some suppliers provide. A well-written ESCo/Supplier contract should protect you, the customer, as well as the supplier. MWh conducts data and contract analysis as part of the online service we provide. Sometimes, customers enter […]

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NY State’s Climate Law

Jun 21

There are many details to work through.. but nevertheless NY State passed climate legislation that will, according to Bloomberg set the most aggressive clean energy target in the country, more than triple the state’s solar capacity and unleash wind power off the coast. Take a look at the Bloomberg article (Climate Changed–New York Passes Its […]

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Evolution of a Campus: Energy Decision Maker – Bert Bland

May 14

Evolution of a Campus: Energy Decision Maker – Bert Bland The Megawatt Hour Series: Energy Decision Makers Robert “Bert” Bland Associate Vice President for Energy & Sustainability Facilities and Campus Services Cornell University Interview by Amanda Denney Energy decision maker Bert Bland is responsible for around-the-clock electric, heating, cooling, water, sewage, energy generation, distribution, and […]

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