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Forward Curves: Why they matter to energy cost managers 1

Sep 27

Forward Curves: Why they matter to energy cost managers Updated: September 27, 2019 Forward curves and the insight they can provide should be an essential decision making tool to any energy manager. Unfortunately, due to the opacity of energy markets and the energy industry, decision makers rarely have access to their own set of pricing and […]

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Index energy markets: Volatility & what it means to you 1

Jan 17

At the end of last week, we gave you an idea of the impact of recent price volatility on forward prices in our article titled “Volatility Returns to Energy Markets: How will it impact you?” We promised to let you know how index energy markets, or day-ahead markets, had responded to the cold weather and increased market volatility. […]

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Why we’re so focused on energy industry transparency 1

May 7

Energy information is hard to access. Once you get to it, the data can be confusing. And in some instances, the market participants like it that way. We have spent thousands of person hours and lots of resources making sure that our information is straight forward and makes sense to energy and finance professionals. Transparency […]

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Benchmarking: How to track energy cost management progress? 1

Dec 15

Energy efficiency and supply management investments range from equipment installations to building operation adjustments to changes in supply management strategies. The best way to benchmark and verify the results of your investment will depend on what kind of investment you are trying to make: are you focused on reducing your peak demand, your monthly demand, your […]

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Winter 2017: Why are the markets so squirrely? 1

Nov 14

We can’t speculate about where markets are going or where they will be in 3 months, despite the questions that our clients ask us all the time. We can give you a sense for why we think there has been more volatility in power and gas markets over the past several months. We can also […]

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Budget planning for effective energy cost management 1

Oct 31

Is energy budgeting tricky? More of an art than a science? There are 3 essential tools that higher ed clients, hospitals, and budget-conscious energy buyers should employ as you plan for the 2017/2018 budget cycle. 1. Know what happened last year.   Energy markets in 2016. On a macro level, the early party of 2016 saw consistent […]

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What contract term length is best? Energy cost management questions 1

Sep 26

This is the seventh article in a series in which MWh answers questions that energy and finance experts frequently ask about energy. Today we cover the question of what contract term length is best, and how should energy and finance professionals evaluate the appropriate term length? Answer? It depends! Some of our clients have spent a great […]

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Why MWh? 1

Sep 19

We have written about the rationale for MWh in the past. The following article provides you with an update on the information you receive as a MWh client. The basic rationale has remained the same since the business first began. Origins of the business… customer-focus The MWh platform is the result of having spent years in […]

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Market Dynamics: Gas 1

Jan 31

What is happening with natural gas? Where is the market compared to historical forward prices? How about historical spot prices? Customers have been asking for some context on where gas prices are compared to historical prices. Some context is always helpful.     The last 2 months were the the 2 lowest forward price months […]

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MWh Customer Experience: Video 1

Dec 10

Take a look at how 3 energy buyers have used the MWh service. See how a coop, a secondary school and a large commercial building received returns on energy information services.   Music:

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