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NY State’s Climate Law 1

Jun 21

There are many details to work through.. but nevertheless NY State passed climate legislation that will, according to Bloomberg set the most aggressive clean energy target in the country, more than triple the state’s solar capacity and unleash wind power off the coast. Take a look at the Bloomberg article (Climate Changed–New York Passes Its […]

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Evolution of a Campus: Energy Decision Maker – Bert Bland 1

May 14

Evolution of a Campus: Energy Decision Maker – Bert Bland The Megawatt Hour Series: Energy Decision Makers Robert “Bert” Bland Associate Vice President for Energy & Sustainability Facilities and Campus Services Cornell University Interview by Amanda Denney Energy decision maker Bert Bland is responsible for around-the-clock electric, heating, cooling, water, sewage, energy generation, distribution, and […]

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Renewable energy investment driven by consumer pull, not regulatory push 1

Aug 29

Renewable energy driven by consumer pull Consumer preferences are driving utility and business investment in renewable energy. Regulatory decree is not the principal motivation for green power investments anymore. Back in 2006 a group of us started Juice Energy. One of our founding hypotheses was that consumers would insist on clean-powered products. Our premise was that […]

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NY Energy Policy Update & Its Impact on Commercial & Industrial Customers 1

Jan 25

“Hey MWh, what does Cuomo’s State of the State Energy Policy speech mean to me?” – signed, a NY-based commercial building owner. Good question! How will recent policy announcements impact commercial and industrial customers? What is happening in energy policy? First of all, Cuomo started the year with a whole series of commitments on energy […]

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Report: Corporate Clean Energy Procurement Index 1

Jan 18

New Report ranks States based on a Company’s ability to procure renewable energy Clean Edge, the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), and The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), with the support of The Energy Foundation, have just released The Corporate Clean Energy Procurement Index, a report ranking all 50 states based upon the ease with which […]

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Energy News: Heat Wave Prices, Value of Renewables & 3 Trends 1

Jul 19

Today’s energy news covers 3 major areas of interest: first, we report on the impact of this week’s east coast heat wave on day-ahead, real time and forward energy prices; second, Greentech Media reported on a new Carnegie Mellon study that explores the value of renewables based on the fuel mix of different US regions; […]

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Solar-as-a-service… and transparency 1

May 3

Several years ago, a new solar-as-a-service company approached my business partners and me to discuss a commercial business partnership. Those were early days, 2006 and 2007. The model was very appealing. No significant upfront, out-of-pocket cost for businesses, in exchange for signing a long term power purchase agreement in which customers lock in a fixed […]

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News: Re-post from Bloomberg, Solar’s 80% Plunge Hurts Utilities From Hawaii to Spain 1

Mar 21

The title of this post is a bit misleading.  This article explores the range of impacts on various industries that result from the major decline in solar prices.  There are some winners, some losers and, no surprise, still some skeptics. See the whole article, here. What does it mean?  Depends on who you ask?  Some […]

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News: Energy Turbines May Be Spinning in New York’s East River by 2013 1

Jan 24

News from Bloomberg… this project has been a long time coming. Could be interesting.                      

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