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Why is energy information transparency important? 1

Mar 18

Energy information transparency… When in doubt, talk it out. The Megawatt Hour just participated in two panel discussions that raised questions about the products and services we provide. While our articles usually focus on energy technology and markets, we thought it made sense to answer some questions that are often raised about information, transparency and […]

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Make sense of complexity with energy analytics

Energy – Covid-19: what you need to know 1

Apr 22

Energy – Covid 19: what you need to know Energy – covid 19, what do you need to know? If customers and consultants do nothing else (other than the vital job of keeping the lights on), make sure you are aware of these issues. 1. Energy usage and Covid 19: Be aware of the impact […]

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Energy Markets in New York: March 3, 2020 1

Mar 3

An understanding of the status of NY Energy Markets (both energy and capacity) is essential to managing energy costs. Both short term and longer-term power prices impact customers, as do capacity markets. Why focus on power and capacity? Electricity supply is comprised of a range of components. Two specific components, power and capacity, comprise 70% […]

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Energy Data –Feature Friday: 3 issues every manager must address 1

Dec 13

Energy data: What’s the problem? Every energy manager we work with must address the challenge of successfully navigating and manipulating energy data. When we first launched The Megawatt Hour, even we didn’t realize how important the software’s automated data management process was. Given our background in retail energy markets, we believed that managing data was […]

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Forward Curves: Why they matter to energy cost managers 1

Sep 27

Forward Curves: Why they matter to energy cost managers Updated: September 27, 2019 Forward curves and the insight they can provide should be an essential decision making tool to any energy manager. Unfortunately, due to the opacity of energy markets and the energy industry, decision makers rarely have access to their own set of pricing and […]

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How to think about business energy strategy, and why 1

Oct 14

How to think about business energy strategy, and why Setting clear business energy strategy is an essential process for any management team. This sounds like a cliché, but we find that when our clients find themselves with energy challenges, it is often because they have not set their strategy properly. We have often posted about […]

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Energy Cost Management: What is “in” an electricity product 1

Sep 21

The electricity product: the invisible, essential conundrum An electricity product seems like an arcane concept. We pay for electricity after we use it. And we can’t see it. So how can it be a product? This is a re-post of an earlier article, because energy and finance professionals keep asking us this question. What do […]

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3 Lessons Learned from Reviewing Electricity Cost Data 1

Aug 15

Every year we do a review of electricity cost data for our portfolio of clients. MWh’s mid-year review of electricity cost data taught us at least 3 interesting lessons. Read on to learn more about the insights that a detailed review of electricity costs can deliver. Approach to Reviewing Electricity Cost Data MWh’s approach to […]

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Make sense of complexity with energy analytics

If you read 1 article about C-suite energy analytics, read this one 1

Apr 20

If you read 1 article about C-suite energy analytics, make it this one The energy industry is undergoing dizzying changes. New technology, market complexity, shifts in the regulatory landscape, changes in cost-structures, demanding customers weigh on the C-suite. Executives must focus on profitability, customer service, and cost management. Pressures on the C-suite are substantial:  find innovative ways to […]

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Intuitive interface, available anywhere

The Cost-Benefit of Energy Information 1

Feb 18

The Cost-Benefit of Energy Information Building owners and energy managers often ask us about the cost-benefit of energy information and quality energy analytics. We have our own client experience from which to draw. Also, we have summarized information from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). In addition, we have reviewed information from a study conducted by global […]

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