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MWh Internship program launches 1

Aug 10

Meet the MWh Intern Meet Michael, a soon to be first year student at the University of Michigan and a recent graduate of Regis High School in NY, NY. Michael helped launch The MWh internship program concentrating his talents on Product Development, and Research, while contributing to the introduction of The Megawatt Hour University. The […]

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Top 10 energy cost management questions: Why you should care about supplier creditworthiness 1

Jul 10

As we just posted last week in an article titled Fact or Fiction: There is no difference between suppliers, there can be significant differences between suppliers that will result in meaningful price differences when you get quotes from various suppliers. There can be a whole range of reasons for those differences, like: Supplier risk appetite […]

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Why we’re so focused on energy industry transparency 1

May 7

Energy information is hard to access. Once you get to it, the data can be confusing. And in some instances, the market participants like it that way. We have spent thousands of person hours and lots of resources making sure that our information is straight forward and makes sense to energy and finance professionals. Transparency […]

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What does it mean to manage risk in today’s energy environment? 1

Mar 30

Managing energy risk in a low cost environment can be tricky. In addition to enjoying a period of relatively low energy costs, we have had several years of mild winters and summers, which can result in lower-than-forecast cost and usage. What does it mean to manage risk in a low cost, mild weather environment? Energy […]

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Lessons from the field: What happens when you don’t manage energy costs? 1

Feb 13

This post is another in our lessons from the field series in which we relay experiences from large energy users. How purchasing worked before… A large, multi-million dollar energy buyer in New York managed power and gas purchasing and budget using a sophisticated purchasing strategy. While it wasn’t easy, he was able to access data in […]

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Lessons from the Field: Energy Cost Management – Gas Conversion 1

Dec 22

Conversion of fuel oil to natural gas for heating buildings in New York City has been under way for several years now. According to the New York City’s Mayor’s Office of Sustainability, Just 1 percent of all buildings in the city produce 86 percent of the total soot pollution from buildings-more than all the cars and […]

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Supply vs Delivery costs- Key Energy Cost Management Questions 1

Nov 30

How do supply costs compare to delivery costs? We wrote a post about the supply-delivery cost dynamic 4 years ago. You can view that post, titled “A startling look at recent cost data” here.  Back then, we said: We have been accustomed to seeing supply costs comprise as much as 60-75% of a customer’s total costs.  […]

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What contract term length is best? Energy cost management questions 1

Sep 26

This is the seventh article in a series in which MWh answers questions that energy and finance experts frequently ask about energy. Today we cover the question of what contract term length is best, and how should energy and finance professionals evaluate the appropriate term length? Answer? It depends! Some of our clients have spent a great […]

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Why MWh? 1

Sep 19

We have written about the rationale for MWh in the past. The following article provides you with an update on the information you receive as a MWh client. The basic rationale has remained the same since the business first began. Origins of the business… customer-focus The MWh platform is the result of having spent years in […]

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How low can it go? Energy Cost Management for Index Contracts 1

Jul 26

Periodically, we update you on the status of day-ahead markets around the Northeast and, particularly, in New York State. Summer Costs As we’ve reported here a number of times, day-ahead markets in the Northeast have been low over the past year, strikingly low, as it happens, during the summer months. Prior to 2014, markets in […]

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