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There really is good news in energy right now 1

Mar 4

Here is a copy of the Megawatt Hour’s recent update. March 3, 2020 Dear Colleague,  We realize that it is difficult to find good news out there right now. From fears about a global economic downturn, the coronavirus, the visible impacts of climate change, divisiveness around the world, it is easy to feel a bit […]

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NY Energy Market Update: August 30th, 2019 1

Aug 30

An understanding of the status of NY Energy Markets (both energy and capacity) is essential to planning and managing energy costs. Both short term and longer-term forward prices impact customers as you plan your budgets and forecast your costs. Why focus on power and capacity? While, electricity supply costs are comprised of a range of […]

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Energy in 2019: what commercial & industrial customers need to know 1

Jan 17

Energy in 2019: what commercial industrial customers need to know At the end of 2018, we published an article highlighting the major energy trends for the past year. We are already tracking interesting developments for 2019 that may impact commercial industrial customers (so-called C&I customers). Below, we review our observations about the year ahead and […]

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Major Energy Trends: 2018 1

Dec 24

As we look back on the major energy trends: 2018 , we see 3 significant issues to watch. What are these energy cost management trends for 2018, and what do they mean to you? 1. Energy Trend 2018 – Return of market volatility Market volatility returned to forward and day ahead markets at the start […]

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Volatility returns to energy markets: How will it impact you? 1

Jan 12

Volatility has returned to energy markets for the first time in 3 or 4 years. We are only 12 days into the New Year, but it has already been a bumpy ride for energy markets. The cold weather that has periodically hit the country since the end of December sent power and gas markets into […]

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The State of Corporate Sustainability: The Green Solution 1

Dec 15

The State of Corporate Sustainability:  The Green Solution Post written by Michael Fanelli Common headlines such as “Tesla’s Master Sustainability Plan Goes Well Beyond Cars,” “Why PepsiCo is a Global Leader in Water Stewardship and Sustainable Agriculture,” and “The World’s Most Sustainable Companies 2016” paint the picture that top companies spearhead the corporate sustainability movement. […]

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Power and Gas Price Update: Cooler Weather expected, Markets up 1

Nov 29

Any news of cooler temperatures these days sends the 12 month strip price for gas and power up. Major reports show cooler weather in the Northeast likely starting around December 7th. As a result, we have seen another spike in the 12 month strip price for both gas and power. Even though the weekly storage […]

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Cornell’s Energy Smackdown 1

Nov 15

Take a look at an overview of Cornell University’s 6 week energy challenge– Energy Smackdown. The students involved in Sustainability on campus are challenging their colleagues to reduce and/or eliminate energy use through a series of recommended measures. Cornell’s aim is to be carbon neutral by 2035. The Sustainability group on campus acknowledges that in […]

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November Market Update: Energy Cost Management 1

Nov 13

It is newsworthy that gas and power markets were up over 7% last week. This increase in forward curves follows months of low cost power and gas markets. As of Friday afternoon, there was some relief thanks to a modest price decline for the Winter 2018 months. To put this in context, we have been […]

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Greentech Media’s 4 Trends Reshaping the Power Sector + What they mean for customers 1

Aug 25

Greentech Media reports on the 4 Trends Reshaping the Power Sector in their newsletter published yesterday. Greentech Media makes the case that: The power sector is constantly evolving, but rarely — if ever — has it experienced the rapid pace of change it faces today. The interaction between technological, economic and political forces is catalyzing […]

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