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Lessons from the field: Straight talk about energy dashboards 1

Oct 6

Lessons from the field: Straight talk about energy dashboards Energy information dashboards are all the rage among energy consumers, or at least, that’s what you might conclude after a survey of the offerings from consultants and advisors in the energy field. Energy suppliers, consultants and advisors all seem to be in hot pursuit of energy dashboards […]

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US Energy Consumption 2019: The Big Picture on Energy Cost Management 1

Jun 24

US Energy Consumption 2019: Overview Every year, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory (LLNL) and the Department of Energy (DOE) produce energy flow charts that graphically show how the US (and individual states) consume energy resources. The following charts show US energy consumption in 2019. According to LLNL : A single energy flow chart depicting resources and their […]

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Note to our friends and colleagues re: Covid-19 1

Apr 30

Dear Colleague,  How different the world is now, compared to how things were when we sent our last note on March 4th about the good news in energy markets. We hope you’re all healthy, calm and safe. We are a New York business, based primarily in New York City and Long Island. For the time […]

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Natural gas plants not competitive with clean energy according to report 1

Sep 18

Most new or proposed natural gas power plants will not be cost-competitive with clean energy resources by 2035. A report comparing the financial viability of new gas resources with clean energy technologies was recently published by the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI). The report finds that, thanks to a decline in clean energy costs, many proposed […]

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NY State’s Climate Law 1

Jun 21

There are many details to work through.. but nevertheless NY State passed climate legislation that will, according to Bloomberg set the most aggressive clean energy target in the country, more than triple the state’s solar capacity and unleash wind power off the coast. Take a look at the Bloomberg article (Climate Changed–New York Passes Its […]

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Evolution of a Campus: Energy Decision Maker – Bert Bland 1

May 14

Evolution of a Campus: Energy Decision Maker – Bert Bland The Megawatt Hour Series: Energy Decision Makers Robert “Bert” Bland Associate Vice President for Energy & Sustainability Facilities and Campus Services Cornell University Interview by Amanda Denney Energy decision maker Bert Bland is responsible for around-the-clock electric, heating, cooling, water, sewage, energy generation, distribution, and […]

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What is your utility bill telling you? 1

Nov 1

What is your utility bill telling you? Two years ago, we did a survey of our customers to get an understanding of their most pressing energy-related questions. Near the top of the list was a general confusion about utilities and utility billing. Today we answer two basic questions about utility invoicing and give you 3 suggestions for […]

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Renewable energy investment driven by consumer pull, not regulatory push 1

Aug 29

Renewable energy driven by consumer pull Consumer preferences are driving utility and business investment in renewable energy. Regulatory decree is not the principal motivation for green power investments anymore. Back in 2006 a group of us started Juice Energy. One of our founding hypotheses was that consumers would insist on clean-powered products. Our premise was that […]

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What does the energy industry have to learn from rookie baseball managers? 1

May 11

What does the energy industry have to learn from rookie baseball managers? The energy industry may have something to learn from this season’s crop of rookie baseball managers. The New York Times published an article in the Sunday magazine on April 25, 2018 titled The Mets Try the Personal Touch. The article explains that it is impossible to be only […]

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The Cost-Benefit of Energy Information 1

Feb 18

The Cost-Benefit of Energy Information Building owners and energy managers often ask us about the cost-benefit of energy information and quality energy analytics. We have our own client experience from which to draw. Also, we have summarized information from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). In addition, we have reviewed information from a study conducted by global […]

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