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MWh Internship program launches 1

Aug 10

Meet the MWh Intern Meet Michael, a soon to be first year student at the University of Michigan and a recent graduate of Regis High School in NY, NY. Michael helped launch The MWh internship program concentrating his talents on Product Development, and Research, while contributing to the introduction of The Megawatt Hour University. The […]

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Key performance metrics: Energy cost management 1

Jun 6

What are the key performance metrics that you should track in order to best track and manage your energy costs? What key levers can you pull that will make the biggest difference in managing energy costs? Here are the key metrics that we measure and that we recommend that our customers track. Cost per significant […]

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NY’s Clean Energy Standard: Energy cost management & clean energy regulation 1

May 15

We have received a number of questions from customers about NY State’s Clean Energy Standard (CES). In this article we explain the program, we compare what you can expect to pay to what you’ve been paying for the program that the CES replaces, and what to look for on your invoice. What is the Clean Energy […]

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Lessons from the field: What happens when you don’t manage energy costs? 1

Feb 13

This post is another in our lessons from the field series in which we relay experiences from large energy users. How purchasing worked before… A large, multi-million dollar energy buyer in New York managed power and gas purchasing and budget using a sophisticated purchasing strategy. While it wasn’t easy, he was able to access data in […]

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Energy cost management: The unexpected benefit of budgets 1

Feb 8

What happens when you go through your budget process? Is it painful? Do you and your colleagues feel constrained by budget limitations? In fact, recent research reported by Fast Company magazine in the article “How Constraints Force your Brain to Be More Creative” suggests that there may be surprising benefits from operating within resource limitations.  […]

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The latest energy news

News: Battery Storage Progress for Energy Cost Management, Resilience 1

Jan 31

Utility-scale battery storage is taking a big step forward this week according to a Bloomberg article titled “Tesla’s Battery Revolution Just Reached Critical Mass: Three new plants in California show how lithium-ion storage is ready to power the grid.” The promise of battery storage extends beyond utility-scale programs to large commercial & industrial clients as well. […]

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Report: Corporate Clean Energy Procurement Index 1

Jan 18

New Report ranks States based on a Company’s ability to procure renewable energy Clean Edge, the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), and The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), with the support of The Energy Foundation, have just released The Corporate Clean Energy Procurement Index, a report ranking all 50 states based upon the ease with which […]

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The latest energy news

News: Science magazine article “The irreversible momentum of clean energy” 1

Jan 10

In an article published in Science magazine this morning, the outgoing President makes the case for investments in clean energy as a way of “decoupling” economic growth from carbon emissions. The data and information provided in the article bolsters his case: Since 2008, the United States has experienced the first sustained period of rapid GHG emissions […]

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Energy company of the future: Some features 1

Apr 13

Greentech Media published an engaging interview with Steve McBee, the former CEO of NRG Home. (See “McBee Insists a Next-Generation Energy Provider Is Coming to Market, NRG Notwithstanding”.)   Steve is emphatic about the potential and prospects for a revolution in the energy industry. McBee’s view is that a business that redefines energy service, with […]

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News: Colleges & Universities Select MWh to Manage Energy Costs 1

Feb 18

Cornell University, Daemen College and Roberts Wesleyan College have selected MWh to help streamline and standardize energy information. While each College has its own specific objective in selecting MWh’s energy management software, they have a common interest in bringing transparency and clarity to the management and purchase of electricity and gas. Energy cost and usage […]

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