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“Baseload” energy demand at home 1

May 5

What constitutes base load energy demand? One residential perspective. What does residential base load energy demand look like? My family and I have been living outside of New York City (in the Catskills) since March 13. Con Edison installed an interval meter for our 950 square foot apartment in February. I thought it would be […]

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MWh Office Hours 1

May 4

Title: MWh Office Hours Location: Virtual To join: Click this link to join The Megawatt <Office> Hours Description: Join The Megawatt Hour for informal questions and answers regarding your energy usage, costs and requirements. We will be focusing this week on ways that customers can lower their costs over the next 6, 9 and 12 […]

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Make sense of complexity with energy analytics

Energy – Covid-19: what you need to know 1

Apr 22

Energy – Covid 19: what you need to know Energy – covid 19, what do you need to know? If customers and consultants do nothing else (other than the vital job of keeping the lights on), make sure you are aware of these issues. 1. Energy usage and Covid 19: Be aware of the impact […]

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Practical energy management from R&D to operations: Energy Decision Maker Frank Porretto 1

Apr 2

Practical energy management from R&D to operations: Energy Decision Maker Frank Porretto The Megawatt Hour Interview Series: Energy Decision Makers: Frank Porretto Frank Porretto, Director Energy Management Northwell Health April 2, 2020 Energy decision maker Frank Porretto’s experience in the energy industry spans the supply chain from R&D to cost management. Today, he is in the […]

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There really is good news in energy right now 1

Mar 4

Here is a copy of the Megawatt Hour’s recent update. March 3, 2020 Dear Colleague,  We realize that it is difficult to find good news out there right now. From fears about a global economic downturn, the coronavirus, the visible impacts of climate change, divisiveness around the world, it is easy to feel a bit […]

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Building Emissions: A Step-by-Step Guide to NYC’s Law (LL 97)- Step one 1

Feb 21

A Step-by-Step Guide to NYC’s Buildings Emissions Law (LL 97) In the past few months, we have had many questions from customers and colleagues about NYC’s Buildings Emissions Law (LL97). In keeping with our commitment to transparency, we have created a series of articles that are meant to shed light on the law: what does […]

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2020 Energy Insights: Budgeting and forecasting recommendations 1

Jan 14

2020 Energy Insights Today in our new 2020 energy insights series we explore MWh recommendations for effective budgeting and forecasting. Over the past 25 years, we have worked with customers as you try to navigate and manage your energy costs and usage. During that time, we’ve seen as many different approaches to budgeting and forecasting […]

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Feature Friday: 3 top reasons a pricing model is essential for energy cost managers 1

Nov 22

Why a pricing model? A pricing model (or energy cost model) is an essential tool for energy cost managers navigating markets today. With a pricing model, you can more accurately plan and manage your budgets and costs. Without it, you’re flying blind. You need access to a forecast of supply and delivery costs to plan and manage […]

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Natural gas plants not competitive with clean energy according to report 1

Sep 18

Most new or proposed natural gas power plants will not be cost-competitive with clean energy resources by 2035. A report comparing the financial viability of new gas resources with clean energy technologies was recently published by the Rocky Mountain Institute (RMI). The report finds that, thanks to a decline in clean energy costs, many proposed […]

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Thomas Mort has made a career of training engineers to find energy savings throughout their facilities.

Energy Decision Maker Thomas Mort : Resource According to Value 1

Aug 11

Energy Decision Maker Thomas Mort Resource According to Value The Megawatt Hour Series: Saving with Energy Thomas Mort President, Saving with Energy Energy decision maker Thomas Mort is a leader in the field of operational excellence and continuous improvement with more than 30 years’ experience. Thomas is currently a principal of Thomas Mort Consulting LLC. […]

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