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Growth mindset for energy 1

Dec 7

For those of you who have yet read her book, go find Mindset, by Carol Dweck. Take it out of your local library, get it on your e-reader, buy it from your bookstore. It is a fantastic book and has particular relevance, we believe, for those of us who have been in the energy industry for decades. What […]

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Largest source of CO2 emissions in the US? No longer power plants! 1

Dec 4

Today, Bloomberg reports a significant transition in major contributors to US CO2 emissions. Power plants are no longer the largest source of CO2 emissions in the US. That “distinction” now belongs to the transportation sector. The article, titled America Crowns a New Pollution King, appears here on Bloomberg’s homepage. Why a transition from power plants […]

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Power and Gas Price Update: Cooler Weather expected, Markets up 1

Nov 29

Any news of cooler temperatures these days sends the 12 month strip price for gas and power up. Major reports show cooler weather in the Northeast likely starting around December 7th. As a result, we have seen another spike in the 12 month strip price for both gas and power. Even though the weekly storage […]

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November Market Update: Energy Cost Management 1

Nov 13

It is newsworthy that gas and power markets were up over 7% last week. This increase in forward curves follows months of low cost power and gas markets. As of Friday afternoon, there was some relief thanks to a modest price decline for the Winter 2018 months. To put this in context, we have been […]

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Knowledge and power in under an hour 1

Nov 1

That’s the tag line that my 8 year old gave to our new on-line information service, The MWh University. It’s catchy and it is the goal of our series of courses. Short, sweet, and straight forward just the way it should be. Who? The MWh University is designed for energy managers and financial decision makers […]

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Fact or fiction: An energy company that owns power plants will give me a better price 1

Oct 30

This post is another in our series intended to shed light on the differences between suppliers and the impact those differences may have on you, the commercial, institutional or industrial customer. Prior posts in the series include: Energy cost management: Supplier differences-product offerings, Energy cost management: Supplier differences – contract terms, Top 10 energy cost management questions: […]

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Energy cost management: Supplier differences-product offerings 1

Oct 20

What impact could supplier product offerings have on you, the commercial and industrial buyer? Why should you care about the range and general structure of products offered by your supplier, if you have already received a price you like? We believe there are good reasons to pay attention to the entire range of supplier products, […]

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What to expect this winter 1

Oct 12

We have received questions from clients about what to expect from power and gas prices this winter. Good question. Why do we care about winter energy prices? Because natural gas and power prices peak in winter, at least in the Northeast. Remember the Polar Vortex? Some energy buyers watched their energy budgets get swallowed up […]

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Energy cost management: Results 1

Sep 29

We aren’t very good at highlighting our successes. We are usually satisfied when a customer is happy and has achieved their goals. But every now and then a customer’s results are so striking that we feel we have to share their story. Background But first, before we tell their story, a few key points. Chasing elusive […]

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Energy cost management news: Hurricane Impacts on Electricity and Gas Prices 1

Sep 21

Just last week, a customer asked why it was that power and natural gas prices did not experience the kind of disruption from Hurricane Harvey that we have seen after other major storms, like Hurricane Katrina, for example. There are a number of good articles from a range of resources that explain how the dynamics of […]

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