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The Megawatt Hour – Energy Awareness Survey 1

Apr 11

The Megawatt Hour – Energy Awareness Survey The job of managing energy costs is complex and challenging. And it isn’t getting any easier. The Megawatt Hour is conducting a survey of our customers, friends and contacts in order to determine what matters most to you. We will anonymously share the results of this work so that you, […]

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The Power of Energy Data and Analytics 1

Apr 5

The Power of Energy Data and Analytics We are laser focused on the value of energy data and analytics here at The Megawatt Hour. We have countless examples of customers that have more effectively managed their energy costs simply through improving their access to data and analytics. There’s the MWh client located near Manhattan that used […]

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Energy Decision Maker Bert Bland: Taking Care of the Mice and the Rice 1

Mar 27

Energy Decision Maker Bert Bland: Taking Care of the Mice and the Rice The Megawatt Hour Series: Energy Decision Makers Robert “Bert” Bland Associate Vice President for Energy & Sustainability Facilities and Campus Services Cornell University Interview by Amanda Denney Bert Bland is responsible for around-the-clock electric, heating, cooling, water, sewage, energy generation, distribution, and […]

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Hedging: How to clarify your objectives and employ hedging effectively 1

Feb 28

Hedging: How can it work for you? Several years ago, Bloomberg published an article on fuel hedging and its results within the airline industry (“Airlines Bet on Long Oil Slump after Millions Lost to Hedging”). The article took a detailed look at the airlines industry’s response to different approaches to managing jet fuel exposure and […]

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A day in the life: Getting the most from MWh software 1

Nov 26

What is a day in the life of a MWh software customer like? How would I get the most from working with MWh? From time-to-time, energy customers ask us these questions. We thought it made sense for us to publish our frequent response to these kinds of questions. Note that MWh is part of a […]

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Power Markets Update: What you should know about the recent run-up 1

Nov 15

Power markets update 11/16/2018: Markets are down today, by about $3.00/MWh on peak. All of our advice still holds. Power markets today Power markets are up dramatically over the past week– across the country. The graphic, shown above, shows the increase in forward markets in New York City. The picture looks much the same across […]

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What is your utility bill telling you? 1

Nov 1

What is your utility bill telling you? Two years ago, we did a survey of our customers to get an understanding of their most pressing energy-related questions. Near the top of the list was a general confusion about utilities and utility billing. Today we answer two basic questions about utility invoicing and give you 3 suggestions for […]

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How to think about business energy strategy, and why 1

Oct 14

How to think about business energy strategy, and why Setting clear business energy strategy is an essential process for any management team. This sounds like a cliché, but we find that when our clients find themselves with energy challenges, it is often because they have not set their strategy properly. We have often posted about […]

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Energy Cost Management: What is “in” an electricity product 1

Sep 21

The electricity product: the invisible, essential conundrum An electricity product seems like an arcane concept. We pay for electricity after we use it. And we can’t see it. So how can it be a product? This is a re-post of an earlier article, because energy and finance professionals keep asking us this question. What do […]

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Energy Markets Today: September 14, 2018 1

Sep 14

Forward energy markets Just a heads up to customers up and down the east coast, energy markets are up. Power markets are up over the last several months. Take a look at the Zone J (NY City) forward curve. This trend began last Spring when the NY Independent System Operator announced an intention to price carbon […]

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