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A day in the life: Getting the most from MWh software 1

Nov 26

What is a day in the life of a MWh software customer like? How would I get the most from working with MWh? From time-to-time, energy customers ask us these questions. We thought it made sense for us to publish our frequent response to these kinds of questions. Note that MWh is part of a […]

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Power Markets Update: What you should know about the recent run-up 1

Nov 15

Power markets update 11/16/2018: Markets are down today, by about $3.00/MWh on peak. All of our advice still holds. Power markets today Power markets are up dramatically over the past week– across the country. The graphic, shown above, shows the increase in forward markets in New York City. The picture looks much the same across […]

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What is your utility bill telling you? 1

Nov 1

What is your utility bill telling you? Two years ago, we did a survey of our customers to get an understanding of their most pressing energy-related questions. Near the top of the list was a general confusion about utilities and utility billing. Today we answer two basic questions about utility invoicing and give you 3 suggestions for […]

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How to think about business energy strategy, and why 1

Oct 14

How to think about business energy strategy, and why Setting clear business energy strategy is an essential process for any management team. This sounds like a cliché, but we find that when our clients find themselves with energy challenges, it is often because they have not set their strategy properly. We have often posted about […]

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Energy Cost Management: What is “in” an electricity product 1

Sep 21

The electricity product: the invisible, essential conundrum An electricity product seems like an arcane concept. We pay for electricity after we use it. And we can’t see it. So how can it be a product? This is a re-post of an earlier article, because energy and finance professionals keep asking us this question. What do […]

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Energy Markets Today: September 14, 2018 1

Sep 14

Forward energy markets Just a heads up to customers up and down the east coast, energy markets are up. Power markets are up over the last several months. Take a look at the Zone J (NY City) forward curve. This trend began last Spring when the NY Independent System Operator announced an intention to price carbon […]

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Renewable energy investment driven by consumer pull, not regulatory push 1

Aug 29

Renewable energy driven by consumer pull Consumer preferences are driving utility and business investment in renewable energy. Regulatory decree is not the principal motivation for green power investments anymore. Back in 2006 a group of us started Juice Energy. One of our founding hypotheses was that consumers would insist on clean-powered products. Our premise was that […]

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Walmart: A window into one large customer’s approach to energy cost management 1

Aug 22

 The world of energy cost management according to Walmart Like management of all their costs, Walmart cares about energy cost management. As reported by RTO Insider recently, Walmart continued their significant effort to control their energy costs when they joined yet another Regional Transmission Organization (RTO). Walmart recently joined the Southwest Power Pool (SPP), which, according […]

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3 Lessons Learned from Reviewing Electricity Cost Data 1

Aug 15

Every year we do a review of electricity cost data for our portfolio of clients. MWh’s mid-year review of electricity cost data taught us at least 3 interesting lessons. Read on to learn more about the insights that a detailed review of electricity costs can deliver. Approach to Reviewing Electricity Cost Data MWh’s approach to […]

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The surprising truth about Spring 2018 and natural gas usage 1

Jul 13

The surprising truth about Spring 2018 natural gas usage Don’t be surprised if you see higher than expected natural gas usage (and, therefore, cost) for the Spring 2018. If you’ve noticed a variance to your gas cost and budget this year, it is probably due to a slightly unexpected reason. Yes, late December 2017 and […]

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