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Major Energy Trends: 2018 1

Dec 24

As we look back on the major energy trends: 2018 , we see 3 significant issues to watch. What are these energy cost management trends for 2018, and what do they mean to you? 1. Energy Trend 2018 – Return of market volatility Market volatility returned to forward and day ahead markets at the start […]

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Power and Gas Price Update: Cooler Weather expected, Markets up 1

Nov 29

Any news of cooler temperatures these days sends the 12 month strip price for gas and power up. Major reports show cooler weather in the Northeast likely starting around December 7th. As a result, we have seen another spike in the 12 month strip price for both gas and power. Even though the weekly storage […]

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Winter 2017: Why are the markets so squirrely? 1

Nov 14

We can’t speculate about where markets are going or where they will be in 3 months, despite the questions that our clients ask us all the time. We can give you a sense for why we think there has been more volatility in power and gas markets over the past several months. We can also […]

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Northeast/NY Energy Prices this Week 1

Jan 6

We have heard from partners and customers across NY state this week who are expressing concern about energy price volatility reported in the news. Let’s put this week’s energy price volatility in perspective. It is true that, as Bloomberg reported, power prices shot up over $1,000/MWh yesterday. Bloomberg also reported (and Crain’s re-printed) news of […]

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NYISO Real Time Locational Based Marginal Price 1

Nov 20

This is one small data point… but nevertheless it is an interesting view of where power markets are right now, where they have been. Now, the question is, where will they go?    

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Energy Market Update: May 2015 Results 1

Jun 17

  We aren’t in the business of making predictions. But we are interested in reporting on what’s happening in energy markets, and then considering what that information may hold for customers. Since the Winter energy market spikes in January and February, markets have been relatively calm, as you can see from the NY Independent System […]

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How to Benefit from Energy Market Movements 1

Jan 22

There is a simple, straight forward process for lowering energy costs starting right now. It hasn’t been accessible to customers or consultants in the past. It is now. We reviewed that process and a powerful tool to deliver on that process during our Webinar titled 3 Steps to Savings: How to Take Advantage of Falling […]

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Power Market Update: October 1, 2014 1

Oct 1

Market Summary Power prices have increased since last week. Winter forward prices (January, February, March 2015) are driving the entire forward strip higher. All other (non-Winter) months are at or near historical lows. News on gas prices is mixed since last week. Natural gas markets are up today after reports of cooler weather heading into […]

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Just when you thought it was safe…. 1

Jul 12

To get back involved in energy markets… we get this news. There’s a new cold front rolling through the Great Lakes and East Coast which will bring remarkably cold weather– 10-20 degrees below normal.       In addition, as this Forbes article describes, international affairs have further contributed to volatility and market uncertainty. Forward […]

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Market Update: June 2014 1

Jun 30

Here’s an update on day ahead clearing prices for New York State through May 2014, and a graphic that shows the capacity auction clearing prices for the summer strip. Let’s just say we’re living in interesting times. Day Ahead Clearing Prices The NYISO has published their latest market statistics in their May Monthly Report. Day […]

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