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Building Emissions: A Step-by-Step Guide to NYC’s Law (LL 97)- Step one 1

Feb 21

A Step-by-Step Guide to NYC’s Buildings Emissions Law (LL 97) In the past few months, we have had many questions from customers and colleagues about NYC’s Buildings Emissions Law (LL97). In keeping with our commitment to transparency, we have created a series of articles that are meant to shed light on the law: what does […]

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The Cost-Benefit of Energy Information 1

Feb 18

The Cost-Benefit of Energy Information Building owners and energy managers often ask us about the cost-benefit of energy information and quality energy analytics. We have our own client experience from which to draw. Also, we have summarized information from the U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). In addition, we have reviewed information from a study conducted by global […]

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NY Energy Policy Update & Its Impact on Commercial & Industrial Customers 1

Jan 25

“Hey MWh, what does Cuomo’s State of the State Energy Policy speech mean to me?” – signed, a NY-based commercial building owner. Good question! How will recent policy announcements impact commercial and industrial customers? What is happening in energy policy? First of all, Cuomo started the year with a whole series of commitments on energy […]

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Greentech Media’s 4 Trends Reshaping the Power Sector + What they mean for customers 1

Aug 25

Greentech Media reports on the 4 Trends Reshaping the Power Sector in their newsletter published yesterday. Greentech Media makes the case that: The power sector is constantly evolving, but rarely — if ever — has it experienced the rapid pace of change it faces today. The interaction between technological, economic and political forces is catalyzing […]

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NY’s Clean Energy Standard: Energy cost management & clean energy regulation 1

May 15

We have received a number of questions from customers about NY State’s Clean Energy Standard (CES). In this article we explain the program, we compare what you can expect to pay to what you’ve been paying for the program that the CES replaces, and what to look for on your invoice. What is the Clean Energy […]

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What you need to know about PACE energy loans 1

Jan 27

MWh usually posts articles focused on commercial, industrial and institutional clients. The following guest post targeted to homeowners resonated with us because home financing shares many of the characteristics that energy markets do: 1) there is a mis-match of information between the market players and the product consumers; 2) the markets lack transparency and, as […]

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Report: Corporate Clean Energy Procurement Index 1

Jan 18

New Report ranks States based on a Company’s ability to procure renewable energy Clean Edge, the Retail Industry Leaders Association (RILA), and The Information Technology Industry Council (ITI), with the support of The Energy Foundation, have just released The Corporate Clean Energy Procurement Index, a report ranking all 50 states based upon the ease with which […]

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The latest energy news

News: Science magazine article “The irreversible momentum of clean energy” 1

Jan 10

In an article published in Science magazine this morning, the outgoing President makes the case for investments in clean energy as a way of “decoupling” economic growth from carbon emissions. The data and information provided in the article bolsters his case: Since 2008, the United States has experienced the first sustained period of rapid GHG emissions […]

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Energy Market News: May 2, 2014 1

May 2

Here’s a round up of what was happening this week in energy markets: First, an interview with Commissioner Philip Moeller on the status of Energy Regulation at FERC; Second, a look at political discord swirling around the new capacity zone that was put in place in New York State; and finally an effort from the Governor […]

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Energy Market News: May 17, 2013 1

May 17

Summary of Energy News Headlines Energy news from The Megawatt Hour today focuses on: natural gas markets (and their impact on forward energy prices); more data and analytics on capacity markets, including a video explanation of capacity markets from The Megawatt Hour’s Bob Bright; an article about concerns raised in Illinois about the State’s renewable […]

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