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Energy Market News: May 17, 2013 1

May 17

Summary of Energy News Headlines Energy news from The Megawatt Hour today focuses on: natural gas markets (and their impact on forward energy prices); more data and analytics on capacity markets, including a video explanation of capacity markets from The Megawatt Hour’s Bob Bright; an article about concerns raised in Illinois about the State’s renewable […]

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Energy News Summary: July 10, 2012 1

Jul 10

Summary of recent Energy News headlines There are a number of energy stories that are making business headlines these days. The unifying themes for this week’s energy market news summary are: a regulatory focus on market integrity and transparency at the wholesale level; structural changes in US fuels and markets; and the abiding question about […]

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Conesville coal-fired power plant in Ohio

The fight for, and over, coal… and implications for electricity prices 1

Jun 18

What does it mean to replace coal plants with natural gas plants?   In late May, The New Times published an article about the shifts in the electric power sector’s fuel mix, Even in Coal Country, the Fight for an Industry. The article provides a thoughtful view of the significant transformations that are occurring right […]

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Broadband and power infrastructure.. new financing models 1

May 30

What do broadband and power infrastructure have in common?   Well, maybe not much. Nevertheless, we thought this article, “Maybe it’s time to rethink how we fund broadband” in GigaOm was interesting, and could create some interesting dialogue about the future of the energy industry. The article talks about new funding mechanisms for broadband, that […]

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ReCharge NY.. What all customers should know 1

May 22

Overview   On Friday, I had the opportunity to tour the New Fulton Fishmarket in Hunts Point, the Bronx. The market is second in size worldwide only to Tokyo’s Tsukiji wholesale seafood market. It handles millions of pounds of seafood daily and annual sales exceed one billion dollars. It was an incredibly impressive place– employing […]

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Two news re-posts from The NY Times 1

Apr 16

It is amazing to see two articles in The New York Times Business Section that have divergent points-of-view, but both hold true. In a business environment in which natural gas is at all time lows, businesses continue to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy, because it makes good business sense.

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News (Repost): Going Net Zero for Less Than 10 Percent Added Cost 1

Mar 12

This is a repost from Greentech Media about the growing focus on building/retrofitting buildings that have very low or no net energy usage. The numbers are surprising. Sixty low- or no-energy buildings offer a (high-performance, glazed) window into the future. Take a look.

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Carbon emissions and the politics of climate change 1

Dec 10

Recent reporting on carbon emissions and the regulatory environment surrounding carbon markets.

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There’s nothing the matter with Kansas… or with changing the debate 1

Jan 24

There have been a number of articles in various publications that have resonated with me as we build a business that attempts to appeal to good common sense.  Until recently, it seemed we’d gotten bogged down, as thinkers, consumers, policy and business people in an intractable debate over climate change science and policy.  As Michael […]

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“It’s like deja-vu, all over again.” 1

Sep 30

I thought of Yogi Berra as I was reading a recent article in The New York Times by Erica Gies titled “Doing More While Using Less Power”  (;=energy%20efficiency&st;=cse). When I started my energy career at The International Institute for Energy Conservation in 1990, we committed many resources to proving that a nickel invested in energy […]

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