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Top 3 benefits of a hotel controls upgrade for a NY City Hotel: Background 1

Feb 4

Top 3 benefits of a hotel controls upgrade for a NY City Hotel: Background The Megawatt Hour periodically highlights energy case studies to expand access to energy efficiency programs and projects. This post and the following one highlight one such case study in which a hotel controls upgrade significantly improves the operation of a four […]

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Thomas Mort has made a career of training engineers to find energy savings throughout their facilities.

Energy Decision Maker Thomas Mort : Resource According to Value 1

Aug 11

Energy Decision Maker Thomas Mort Resource According to Value The Megawatt Hour Series: Saving with Energy Thomas Mort President, Saving with Energy Energy decision maker Thomas Mort is a leader in the field of operational excellence and continuous improvement with more than 30 years’ experience. Thomas is currently a principal of Thomas Mort Consulting LLC. […]

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HVAC maintenance pays

Energy cost management: What cold weather can tell you about your building operation 1

Feb 6

Energy cost management: What cold weather can tell you about your building operation Guest post by Tom Leach, Scientific Air Your lobby should be warm even if it is 10 degrees outside. Your tenants and guests expect comfort under the most extreme circumstances. You should too. You know how good your health is after you […]

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Cornell’s Energy Smackdown 1

Nov 15

Take a look at an overview of Cornell University’s 6 week energy challenge– Energy Smackdown. The students involved in Sustainability on campus are challenging their colleagues to reduce and/or eliminate energy use through a series of recommended measures. Cornell’s aim is to be carbon neutral by 2035. The Sustainability group on campus acknowledges that in […]

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Changes afoot in NY: Indian Point closing–what does it mean to NY energy buyers? 1

May 23

The announcement that Indian Point is closing is not new. The Governor made an announcement in January that the aging nuclear plant would close in 2021. Three years from now 2,000 MW of carbon-free base load electricity supply will shutter, while – over a similar period — the State tries to meet its commitment to […]

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Info & tech developments: buildings sector 1

Sep 11

Background There has been renewed interest in building energy efficiency over the last several years. Applying smart information technology, existing efficiency improvements and better metering and data management could well transform building energy consumption. Amory Lovins’ 2011 book on the state of the energy industry, called Reinventing Fire: Bold Business Solutions for the New Energy […]

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Two news re-posts from The NY Times 1

Apr 16

It is amazing to see two articles in The New York Times Business Section that have divergent points-of-view, but both hold true. In a business environment in which natural gas is at all time lows, businesses continue to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energy, because it makes good business sense.

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How to drive (meaningful) household energy conservation and behavior change? 1

Apr 5

This week Facebook, NRDC and OPower launched a Facebook application that is meant to bring the power of social media to household energy consumption.  Take a look at an explanation of the application at GigaOm.  It took me about 3 minutes to set up on Facebook.  While my utility is not participating, when I entered […]

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News (Repost): Going Net Zero for Less Than 10 Percent Added Cost 1

Mar 12

This is a repost from Greentech Media about the growing focus on building/retrofitting buildings that have very low or no net energy usage. The numbers are surprising. Sixty low- or no-energy buildings offer a (high-performance, glazed) window into the future. Take a look.

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There’s nothing the matter with Kansas… or with changing the debate 1

Jan 24

There have been a number of articles in various publications that have resonated with me as we build a business that attempts to appeal to good common sense.  Until recently, it seemed we’d gotten bogged down, as thinkers, consumers, policy and business people in an intractable debate over climate change science and policy.  As Michael […]

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